Monday, December 10, 2007

See How An Ad Is Made - Sony Bravia

Sony Bravia ad
I just LOVE the new Sony Bravia Ad which was shot in New York during August this year. The music isn't the only thing I love - being a 60s chick I appreciate a good Rolling Stones song - She's a Rainbow.
If you follow this link you can see the ad and also see exactly how it was made. Trust me it is absolutely brilliant and well worth the visit.
Sony Bravia ad


ParisBreakfasts said...

Every Sony commercial I've ever seen has been fastastic and this is no exception

Bibbi said...

Thank you for the link! I've been wondering about the sony colour ads, if they were done "for real" and now I know. I hope you don't mind I post the link today and tell where I found it.

tongue in cheek said...

The hours of love to create is mind boggling! The film they made with the balls rolling down the streets of San Francisco took place on the street that my cousin lives on. She said it was AMAZING to watch their dedication to detail.

rochambeau said...

Fab U lous!
Thanks Di!!

Babelfish said...

I love all the Sony Bravia adverts, they emphasize the non-use computer graphics, the time and efforts that went into making them is inspiring.

Ryan at LG said...

What is good here is that the idea is simple but the scale is huge