Monday, December 10, 2007

My Christmas List - Emery et Cie

Emery et Cie
We just submitted plans for our extension to the cottage to the National Parks so I don't feel at all guilty about asking for all of these for Christmas. It's a question of necessity don't you agree?
From Emery et Cie if anyone needs to know
Emery et Cie


Julie at BV said...

I would take anything from Emery et Cie. Their stuff is just gorgeus.

ParisBreakfasts said...

I'm putting those luscious grey suede boots on my list!

Melody said...

Great blog!

tongue in cheek said...

They always have the most amazing photos!

paris parfait said...

They do have lovely things. Hope those plans get approved toute de suite! xo

rochambeau said...

Hi Di,
Emery et Cie has beautiful things. Once again thank you for anintroduction to a cool establishment.

You know what you want for Christmas and you've been a good girl,so I bet Santa will be generous!


Babelfish said...

I could live in the Emery et Cie aesthetic.