Saturday, September 24, 2016

Back To Blogging. Why? Because I Miss It

Soissons ancient building
Well after 6 months I'm back. My last post was March 2016. I foolishly thought I had had enough of blogging but all the time I was away I kept finding stuff but had no one to share it with. After all isn't that what blogging is all about? 
As I'm typing this I am in France, one of the most inspiring countries in the world and my intention is to get this show on the road French style so here goes. Tune in for more as I get back in the swing.
rocante find
 An amazing find at a Depot Vente in Jeaux, Picardie. These sell at home for around £300 here this was had for 35 Euros. No competition then?
french wines
5 Bottles of perfectly good wine for 8.29 Euros that included the fizzy water and a carrier bag.
day at the brocante
 Seeing my gorgeous French grandchildren on a daily basis, priceless.
rose shaped ice cream
And you don't just get an ice cream you get a rose ice cream. What more could I ask?
Today Tiana (above)  and I are are off to the local fete. Believe it or not it's in celebration of the haricot bean. The French will celebrate anything, however the fete is a huge 3 day celebration. Flags are everywhere, tents erected and a parade organised for tomrrow afternoon. Who knew a bean could be that important

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