Wednesday, September 10, 2014

First Stop On That New Road - Lille, France

Lille antiqes market
So last Friday left that road to my new life and visited a huge antiques market in Lille, France
Lille antiqes market
Accompanied by my lovely friend Jo. How we wished we could have used that carriage to get us around the 62 kilometers of stalls.
Lille antiqes market
Anything from headless babies to
Lille antiqes market
vintage mirrors, this one looked as though Harvey had modelled for it. I wouldn't have put that past him.
Lille antiqes market
I fell in love with this Victorian toy horse.
Lille antiqes market
What this giant Durex was about I failed to comprehend.
Lille antiqes market
I could cook up a storm on this and
Lille antiqes market
there was lots of street artists to stop and stare at.
Finally here is the booty I returned with. We travelled by train so no huge items this time.
I thoroughly enjoyed being back searching for vintage pieces in France, it seems like so long since I did this. Yes I missed Harvey but nothing is going to bring him back and he would have expected me to continue enjoying what I do. I shall!


Jamie said...

I love Lille! It is beautiful and I love exploring the food but lucky you to stumble upon a flea market. Btw we had the giant Durex here in Nantes and it was the day of a Gay Pride gathering :-)

paris parfait said...

I bought a copper jelly pan like that recently - am determined to try my hand at homemade jam, inspired by my friend Gabrielle (who swears it's easy). I remember my mom and grandmothers making jam and it seemed like a big production.

In any event, glad you enjoyed Lille and brought home some fabulous treasures! xx

Jenni said...

Wow, that cooker is quite something! I would love something like that in my house. What a great trip!