Tuesday, January 14, 2014

When Online Shopping Goes That Extra Mile - Mineheart

magnetic feathers mineheart
Back in 2000 when I opened wheredidyoubuythat.com we were pretty unique and even now you are hard pushed to find a website that sells the truly unusual. Whoopee I have found Mineheart a beautifully curated site that sells rare and innovative items for the home. From Magnetic Feathers,
magnetic feathers mineheart

king edison pendant lamp mineheart
light bulbs that hold chandeliers,
pastoral rug mineheart
rugs depicting pastoral scenes,
artistic cushion mineheart
cushions dripping with paint,
ceramic bulldog minheart
ceramic bulldogs,
pink chesterfiled wallpaper mineheart
leather buttoned wallpaper,
cowhide mousemat mineheart
cowhide mousemats,
shabby chic sofa mineheart
shabby chic sofas giving the illusion of torn and worn fabric and irreverent paintings. I am truly IMPRESSED!

madame blush mineheart


scar said...

Beautiful! Those magnetic feathers are lovely :)

helen Morris said...

I'm impressed too. That HAS to be worth a visit.