Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mole's Breath Or Not

farrow and ball paint colours
Farrow and Ball have launched their new paint colours and one such colour is Mole's Breath. Firstly let me say I do love the colour but for me it has connotations of destruction.
farrow and ball paint colours
Take a look at what moles have done to the village green directly outside the back door of my cottage. Not clever eh?

farrow and ball paint colours
Farrow and Ball also do a paint colour called Elephant's Breath.
farrow and ball paint colours
Image via Earth Pics on Twitter
Apparantly baby elephants throw themselves in the mud when they are having a tantrum. I am starting to wonder if it is moles on the green or are they baby elephants?

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Sandip said...

Hey funny elephant pic! I'm about to paint our hallway again. We went from magnolia to Abigail Ahern's Mulberry, which is a deep red with brown under tones. Big Mistake! It was way too dark. So we're going back to the most reliable paint- F&B. We've chosen Mole's Breath, as it's the lightest shade in their darker tones and we're trying to balance a love for dark, moody wall colours with the fact that our hallway has limited light. Fingers crossed! I'll be putting pics of the hallway makeover on my instagram (@sandippity)