Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The Society Inc - Just a Lovely Webshop

Sibella Court is a Sydney based stylist and owner of The Society Inc. In her words - The Society Inc is home to hardware & haberdashery & a treasure trove of oddities and curiosities collected whilst globetrotting & adventuring into terrains less trodden. I LOVE IT!
glitter acorn
a glitter acorn perfect for gift giving

glitter acorn

maple syrup tins
maple syrup tins perfect for holding plants

little storage baskets
little baskets perfect for storage

porcelain gift tags
porcelain gift tags perfect for giving

rope handle
rope drop handle perfect for itchen cupboards

soap perfect for washing

flat head nails
flat head nails perfect for DIY
The Society Inc
The Shop

The Society Inc
paint brush envy

The Society Inc
just loving it

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Antiques World said...

Wow it all looks great. The glitter acorn is a brilliant idea, very unique.