Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blogging Away From Home - It's In The Genes

guest posts at rituals beauty
My eldest daughter Sara has jetted away to the sun and asked me to do a guest post over at her fabulous blog Rituals Beauty. Sara is not just a beautician but is a mine of amazing information on how to look and feel good. I have written a post called Multitasking Mums which even if I say so myself is pretty inspiring.
The post before mine is by my youngest daughter Charlotte who lives in Paris and has an amazing blog called The Pauper's Kitchen. Her post is called A Rosbif in Frogland is about why she lives in France and after reading it I wish I did.
I am pretty proud of my girls.
Image - Heidi Lender

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

glycine tree
We have just had some of the most fabulous weather here but now it's over. I just love sunshine and summer colours. The residents of our little hamlet are getting together to plant some trees on the green outside my cottage. I just love the tree above, it's a Glycine tree whatever that is and have no idea where to find one.
summer interior
 Lovely summery interiors from the ever wonderful Ikea blog. Photographer Nina Broberg
union jack
and if I see another bloody union jack flag I may scream. Red, white and blue is just not summer to me. I am so sick of opening emails about the Jubilee - ENOUGH ALREADY!


full circle linen dress
this fabulous linen full circle dress from Cabbages and Roses is right up my street but they only have sizes 8 and 10 left. Well I am a 12 so C'est la vi

Monday, May 28, 2012

Double Merrick

Loving these designs by Double Merrick in France. Merrick emailed me last week and I instantly fell in love with his work.
his and hers aprons
His & Hers Meat and Cake Aprons

morse code poster
Morse Code Poster

dry or die tea towel
Dry or Die Tea Towel

do re mi poster
Do Re Mi Poster
I love his Where Are We description - Double Merrick is based near Limoges in rural France. We work out of crumbly, vine covered studio. Despite our relatively remote location, the post office is just over the road, and we can ship to anywhere in the world.
vintage car poster
Vintage Car Poster
du lait poster
Du Lait Poster

Shabby With a Capital S

shabby chic bathroom
Though the thought of dusting and cleaning this home is more than a little daunting it is nontheless fascinating. Found at Country Living
shabby chic bedroom

shabby chic bedroom

shabby chic bedroom

shabby chic mannequin

shabby chic kitchen

shabby chic kitchen

shabby chic kitchen

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jo Malone's Nod To The Chelsea Flower Show

Flowers pouring out of Jo Malone's Sloane Street store.
Flowers pouring out of Jo Malone's Sloane Street store. 
Jo Malone emailed me this image this afternoon and I just could not wait to put it up here to show you. This is their store in Sloane Street not far from The Chelsea Flower Show venue. SO CLEVER AND SO BEAUTIFUL. Click the image to see more detail.

The Alice Tait Shop - London and Paris

the alice tait shop prints
Antiques shops on the Portobello Road
Gorgeous, gorgeous prints from The Alice Tait Shop of 2 of my favourite cities - London and Paris
the alice tait shop prints
Map of London

the alice tait shop prints
Ooh la la

the alice tait shop prints
Map of Paris

the alice tait shop prints

Friday, May 18, 2012

Young & Battaglia - Designers With a Difference

Young & Battaglia chesterfield wallpaper
Chesterfield Wallpaper
I have seen Young & Battaglia's White Bookshelf Wallpaper on a few websites and I think it is fabulous. However I had no idea that Young & Battaglia were so diverse in their designs. Take a look at these examples and have your breath taken away.
Young & Battaglia stone angels wallpaper
Stone Angels Wallpaper
Young & Battaglia candela shade
Candela Shade

Young & Battaglia stretched cowhide rug
Stretched Cowhide Rug

Young & Battaglia white bookshelf wallpaper
White Bookshelf Wallpaper

Young & Battaglia wrought iron wallpaper
Wrought Iron Wallpaper
Young & Battaglia dune radiator
Dune Radiator

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Look No Windows

Judth Benzer Summer House
Windows Shut
 Judith Benzer is an architect with a vision. The vision is of this amazing Summer House to be situated in Southern Burgenland in Austria.
I love that it seems to have no windows then they open up to give the most fabulous views. The interiors are pretty cool as well. Found at Luxury Culture.

Judth Benzer Summer House
Window Open
Judth Benzer Summer House
Amazing Veranda

Judth Benzer Summer House
Judth Benzer Summer House
In the Snow

Judth Benzer Summer House

Judth Benzer Summer House
Judth Benzer Summer House

Meet The Triplets

triplets by steffen schellenberge
 I just love these 3 pieces by Steffen Schellenberger. After manipulating the proportions of these chairs they can now be put to multiple uses in various rooms in the home. Genius design.
triplets by steffen schellenberge

triplets by steffen schellenberge
triplets by steffen schellenberge

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

No Words Needed

child labour banksy
No caption needed
I think the picture says it all. Thought to be Banksy's latest piece. Via Design Taxi

Monday, May 14, 2012

Feeling Healthy

healthy trolley of food

Ikea regularly email me gorgeous images from their blog. I have started to get a tad excited when I see them in my inbox. These are no exception, I feel healthy just looking at them.
Photography by Patric Johansson
healthy trolley of food

Oh Oh Ochre Sofas

ochre sofa
What's not to like about these sofas from Ochre?
ochre sofa

ochre sofa

ochre sofa