Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blogging Away From Home - It's In The Genes

guest posts at rituals beauty
My eldest daughter Sara has jetted away to the sun and asked me to do a guest post over at her fabulous blog Rituals Beauty. Sara is not just a beautician but is a mine of amazing information on how to look and feel good. I have written a post called Multitasking Mums which even if I say so myself is pretty inspiring.
The post before mine is by my youngest daughter Charlotte who lives in Paris and has an amazing blog called The Pauper's Kitchen. Her post is called A Rosbif in Frogland is about why she lives in France and after reading it I wish I did.
I am pretty proud of my girls.
Image - Heidi Lender

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Charlotte Roll said...

We learnt from the best :) xxx