Monday, October 22, 2012

Going That Extra Mile - Terry's Fabrics

terry's fabrics
I love to visit an online store and to discover they have a really informative and well written blog. It is hugely helpful when buying online to have advice from the shop. It is like having a shop assistant help you.
terry's fabrics
Terry's Fabrics have created a fabulous blog to help you choose from their huge range of fabrics, curtains, home accessories, blinds, lighting and bedding.They advise on How To Get a Look, How To Use different types of fabrics and even show design ideas by country.
terry's fabrics
Let's have more of this. Online shop blogs should be informative and not just there to promote their own products.
terry's fabrics


Thanh Le said...

Beautiful colors
I like this style

welcome to my blog
Interior Decorating, Home Design, Room Ideas

Brianna said...

Is that an old sleigh? So creative :)I want that as my bed and the ghost chairs here for my dinning table.