Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ghost Furniture - The Pleasures and The Frustrations

polka dot chairs ghost furniture
After two buying trips to France at last we have finished pieces to add to the Ghost Furniture website. These two Deco style chairs have inter-changeable seats. loving the polka dots.
boudoir pieces ghost furniture
  A chic set for the boudoir in soft eau de nil and Renaissance gold.
gold highlights ghost furniture
Shiny highlights.
decadent pieces ghost furniture
Dark and mysterious.
ghost furniture accessories
And little things to make you smile.
I love the transformation process but when the main computer crashes in the midst of putting new items on the website and has to be totally rebuilt it's trying to say the least. It's fixed now so watch this space and lots more to come.


stencil helen said...

How frustrating that your computer went crunchy. Your new pieces are lovely and I am very fond of the eau de nils and gold. I am working on two cocktail cabinets for the house. Not sure whether I have too many ideas or not enough..can't seem to get started.

Reproduction Furniture said...
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