Monday, July 02, 2012

Happy Birthday Singer

vintage singer sewing machine
So Singer Sewing Machines are 160. My Mum used to have one not unlike the one above.
singer 160 sewing machine
To celebrate this birthday Singer have released a Limited Edition of a modern take on the original. What a lovely idea.
ghost furniture singer sewing table
We have a gorgeous Singer table on Ghost Furniture, handpainted with vintage sewing accessories and it's half price.


Dear Demoiselle said...

My mum has one, too! I learnt to sew on it, it's beautiful - smooth and cool to the touch - and it still runs like clockwork. And my grandmother had one that was on a table like the beautifully painted one in your shop. We grandkids loved playing with it. The new limited edition one is lovely, too, but it probably won't feel quite the same, right?

Go Electrical said...

My mother had one and just looking at these photographs bring back a lot of good childhood memories. One of my biggest regrets is never having learned how to sew. *sigh*