Friday, July 22, 2011

OK This Is It - On Sunday I Hit 60

On Sunday I will have reached the ripe old age of 60. How did that happen? However I am still younger than my sister and the bloke who is still waiting to be King.
being 60
being 60
I can't believe Truman was President and Clement Atlee was Prime Minister in the year I was born.
being 60
I was born on a Tuesday and am apparently Full of Grace
being 60
I was almost born outside the Wall's Sausage Factory in Acton, London. The ambulance had to stop at the gates as they thought I was coming out. I have a feeling I took one look at the sign at the factory gates and thought 'No way am I having that on my birth certificate'
being 60
They did funny things to your hair when you were a baby in the 50s. Why I do not know
being 60
The ruby is my birthstone, this one is worth $14 million. Doubt I'll get one of these on Sunday
being 60
When I was little I bathed in a tin bath and quite often had dripping sandwiches. I am fit and healthy so it must have been good quality dripping. For my American readers dripping is fat from roasting meats

being 60
Wonder Woman was born on the same day as me in 1951, that gives me some hope. Actually it was the actress Lynda Carter who played Wonder Woman but we'll not nit pick

The Festival of Britain was held in my honour that year or rather I would like to think it was.
My lovely family are all setting up a marquee and picnic on the green outside my cottage on Sunday to help me celebrate. I shall report on that on Monday and promise that the pictures will be much prettier.


vicki archer said...

HAPPY, HAPPY birthday Di.....I wish you all the joy in the world......Have a wonderful day with much love, laughter and happiness......xv

Victoria said...

Birthday greetings. Have a great day. Thank you for your lovely blog. x

Jan said...

Ooh it is a biggie Di
but it's still just a number.
Many Happy Returns.
Have a lovely day.

the paris apartment said...

Oh Di, you're such a dream! HaPpiEstBirThdAy to you!
There was a reason i checked in with you and only you today!
Can't wait for your pics!

Unknown said...

Wishing you a happy early birthday Di! Hope it is the loveliest one yet!

xoxo Mary Jo

Annie said...

Hello Di,

A big happy birthday from Texas.


Mar gar et said...

Do pick yourself up on Monday and tell us all about your fabulous "OH!" birthday! I'm also a child of the 50s, had loopy hair, ate fat, dripping, sandwiches, remember when the Beatles came to the US (Paul was supposed to be my husband, you know).
Happy Birthday to a wonderfully creative gal!

paris parfait said...

You are a shining star and I have a little birthday tribute to you on my blog today. Happy birthday, dear Di! xoxox

Mélanie A. said...

Happy birthday .My dad is born the same year than you , it is the best year.
I hope you are doing well

Mary said...

Happy Birthday, Di! I've come by way of Tara's blog. My nephew shares your birthday, and next year I'll share the number. Hope you had a fabulous day!

corine said...

Oh no did i miss it. I hope it's still sunday somewhere in the world. Have a wonderful Birthday week dear Di!