Friday, June 24, 2011

Molly Bakes Amazing Cake Pops

Molly Bakes Cake Pops
The new Cupcake is the Cake Pop and until now I haven't been that impressed. However Molly Bakes have taken it a step further and not only do they sell these gorgeous confections but they also sell all the stuff to make your own and even fabulous buckets in 3 sizes to display your Cake Pops in. Well done Molly.
Molly Bakes Cake Pops
Molly Bakes Cake Pops
Molly Bakes Cake Pops


Karena said...

Di, How fun and the buckets for display as well!! Great for parties!


Art by Karena

Hena Tayeb said...

love them. they look so great.

vicki archer said...

Cute....Have a lovely weekend....xv

rochambeau said...

Nice lookin' cakepops Di!
Hope you are well!

Silviya said...

Love those. I ve been into the cake pops lately as well. Here is what I did for my friend's Baby Shower

Claire M. said...

Looks so delicious! I will try to make one ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the soft pastel colors, and such detail for a small thing.

Molly Bakes said...

wowee thanks for the blog post on my cakes I only just saw this. So glad you like them, you should check out my book that way you can make the pops yourself! Love Molly xoxo

Becky Wood said...

So cute, they look almost too cute to eat . . . almost!