Thursday, March 10, 2011

Printed Furniture at Riviera Maison

graphic furniture
I love graphic furniture especially these pieces found at Riviera Maison.
graphic furniture
graphic furniture


Alex with Attic Antics said...

Oh, this was my all-time favorite store when I visited my sister in the Netherlands last May. I wished I could just pick up their showroom and plop it down in my house in the US :)

As a graphic designer I'm wild about things with type on them – these would be perfect for me!

electric lift chair said...

I looking for furniture related blogs because my client is looking for new tables and chairs for her place. I'm an interior designer and I do depend on blogs for the furniture which appropriate to my client's needs. I like those graphic designs of the sofa and it seems that it is perfect for the place of my client. I will look and find it at the market if they have one.