Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Pi'lo at Etsy - Creamy Goodness

Pi'lo at Etsy
I don't think I'm on my own in thinking how gorgeous and creamy all these pieces are by Pi'lo at Etsy. I mean, fancy giving someone a gift in one of those re-usable fabric crackers. Everything is so crisp and neat, I must stop now it's not natural to fall in love with objects, or is it?
Pi'lo at Etsy
Pi'lo at Etsy
Pi'lo at Etsy
Pi'lo at Etsy


Pinecone Camp said...

How gorgeous! I'm off to check out the shop.
Have a lovely day!

Heating Allen Town PA said...

I love the keyboard pillow!

Jan said...

It's perfectly natural.

Al McLeary said...

This shop has been a fav. of mine for some time. Love her work