Friday, February 04, 2011

They Are Cakes But Not As We Know Them

cakes by sweetapolita
cakes by sweetapolita
It's a box of cakes and
cakes by sweetapolita
these aren't make up palettes they are cookies and even the brushes are edible
cakes by sweetapolita
This is not a savoury it's a CAKE and
cakes by sweetapolita
this is simply beautiful. Now this is what I call talent. All made by Rosie of Sweetapolita who I gather is a good friend of Vanessa Valencia my lovely friend who designed one of my blog headers. There is some talent in the circle of friends.


stencil helen said...

Wow. She could have been a baker for Marie Antoinette. The asparagus looks stunning and the gold brie looking one looks delicious. Of course I would want a set of the edible paint brush and palette. Very clever.

James MacAonghus said...

Beautiful but she lives in Canada, darn it.

elissa @ faucethead said...

that artichoke cake is unlike anything i've ever seen before. almost too beautiful to eat. thanks for sharing!

natacha said...

lovely i want all
je veux tout tout miam miam

Unknown said...

Wow, these are amazing and that last cake is a work of art (well they all are)! Hoping you are enjoying a wonderful weekend Di!

xo Mary Jo

Jan said...

I notice that she provides recipes/instructions too!
If only I had the capabilities.

3 windows gallery said...

just divine !