Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not As Simple As It Looks - Lace Furniture

ghost furniture lace effect
When I get an idea in my head I am like a dog with a bone. A while back I had the notion that it would be nice to have lace painted on Ghost Furniture. I wanted the effect to be realistic, I wanted people to touch it and be shocked that it wasn't real. Well after much work it has come to fruition. There is more in the pipeline so watch this space.
ghost furniture lace effect
ghost furniture lace effect
ghost furniture lace effect


vicki archer said...

Amazing Di....looks fabulous. How clever you are...concrete tassels and lace consoles....Fantastic xv.

Susan Potter said...

this is an exquisite piece of work - well done Di!

Helen Morris said...

Hurrah, I'd looked forward to seeing this and will look forward to seeing more. Most handsome.