Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Been There Done That

You will never see me get excited about Retro design. Reason being I had my first home during that era. Some of you may faint when you find out that I threw away such as
retro design
a sofa like this one,
retro design
a unit that separated my dining room and living room like this one,
retro design
a chair like this one,
retro design
I even had a Trim Phone just like this one,
retro design
I spent my maternity grant from my 2nd child on a colour TV with a white cabinet just like this one,
retro design
God forbid I even owned one of these,
retro design
my wallpaper was big, bright and bold just like this,
retro design
you hadn't arrived unless you owned a Denby Arabesque dinner service, I owned one,
retro design
I threw away a fridge just like this, it was rubbish by the way, it kept everything warm,
retro design
I owned lots of bowls by Grete Prytz Kittelsen,
retro design
I was bought a Le Creuset casserole dish as a wedding present in 1968 (child bride), I still use it regularly (some things never go out of fashion),
retro design
I had one of the first Lava Lamps by Edward Craven Walker and was ecstatic when I become the proud owner of
retro design
one of the first Fibre Optic Lamps.
So the reason I don't get excited about Retro Design is that I Have Been There and Done That.


Lynne Rutter said...

i still wish fridges were better looking these days, but oooh, those mugs. i don't miss those one bit.

rouge said...

Hear Hear.

All this 'mid-century' stuff popping up fills me with utter drear. I keep wondering whether I've now become a dinosaur in the aesthetics department or whether this latest craze, like all others, will pass.

Jan said...

Where's the Tshirt Di?

Annie said...

Love your post. I'm so glad I am not alone in my feelings about what we call mid-century modern here in the USA. I've also "been there" and have the Naugahyde burns to prove it.

au poussin bleu said...

so funny , my mother in law still has the shelving system with hanging cupboard.. and the mug and the lamp and yes i don't get exited by it at all one bit ( want to paint them with a ghost twist effect!) but i have still got my mum lecreuset pan too as i enheritate from my mum as the pan is too heavy for her to lift and now it's super trendy! Go and figure!

stencil helen said...

Hilarious, remember all of it and owned some of it. Think I still have the God forbid lamp.

The London hangers said...

Hi Di
I saw a sofa like that last week and I fell in love with it. Do you have an idea of the designer or where could it buy one.
Thanks a lot