Monday, January 17, 2011


Xiaolizi at Etsy
When I was a little girl, way back when, my friends and I used to have competitions to see who had the dress that had the best twirl. A lot of fabric was required in the skirt area. These coats, which incidentally I LOVE remind me of those days. I can't believe how cheap these are. The designer is Xiaolizi at Etsy, she lives in Zheng Zhou city in China. She certainly has her finger on the pulse of fashion.
Xiaolizi at Etsy
Xiaolizi at Etsy


Liana said...

Oh, how lovely these pieces are. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa K said...

Oh my gosh - how utterly fabulous are these! I think one of these might sneak its way onto my wishlist :)

Simply Rebecca Studios said...

Absolutely fabulous things. She is very talented indeed. And I can't believe her prices.
Thank you for sharing the link.

Helen Morris said...

They are VERY you....and me come to think of it. I have a birthday coming up, will need to check this out.