Thursday, January 13, 2011

This Bathroom Would Turn Me Into a Prune

luxury bathroom
Can you imagine ever wanting to leave this bathroom if it were yours? I found these fabulous images at Mixr in Sweden. It's opulent, cosy, interesting, sumptuous, it even has a fabulous view out of the window. Well I think by now you will understand that I LOVE IT!
luxury bathroom
luxury bathroom
luxury bathroom
luxury bathroom
luxury bathroom
luxury bathroom


Svatava said...

Lovely, bird cage is amazing.

Glamour Drops said...

I understand why you love it so. It is quite sumptuous yet sort of well-loved/ homey at the same time.

Karena said...

Di, I am in love I could almost live in this room!!

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Art by Karena

Livars said...

Prieks! Te vienmēr valda skaistums! tas ielīksmo!

Theresa Cheek said...

Look at the sheen on those plaster walls! The reflection of the window on it is amazing. They must feel like buttah! Throw in some pilaster gilded columns and I am yours! Great post.

paris parfait said...

So lovely. And that bird cage is special.

Unknown said...

I love this bathroom. I did my foyer similar. Would love to know the paint colors used.
It is fabulous. Thanks for sharing