Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ghost Furniture in Living Etc

ghost furniture in Living Etc
There is nothing more satisfying than seeing one of my designs pictured in a magazine even more so when the magazine is Living Etc. See the Footstool bottom left. I am dying to know what the black thing is that's on top of it.


Louise said...

How exciting! I haven't reached that page in my copy yet, but I think the black thing is an Amazon Kindle e-reader :)

Blue Muse said...

Oh congratulations! Your beautiful work as it should be - showcased for all revel in its loveliness!

Happy new year!
xo Isa

Blue Muse said...

*for all TO revel... I meant to say (Type!) this is what happens when coffee hasn't fully raced through my blood this early. I am so glad that you speak Typonese :)

paris parfait said...

Fantastic! The Footstool looks great in that space!

Furniture Hire London said...

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