Tuesday, November 30, 2010


snow in northumberland
It has been snowing relentlessly here since last Thursday and I am now officially sick of it. Oh it looks very Christmas Card Perfect but I am totally trapped. We live in a hamlet on a hill and the roads are impassable. I have loads of Ghost Furniture orders to go out and no possible way of sending them.
My garden bench looks like a sofa but it's far too cold to sit on.
snow in northumberland


Jan said...

You must have been dreading the snow Di - what a nightmare.
Finally reached us too overnight.
Here's hoping for an early thaw.

corine said...

Is this for real!? Thank goodness you have the internet to escape.

Helen Cowans said...

Keep warm and safe - we are the same (again)in the north of Northumberland, can't believe we are back to this so soon.... and we have more snow than January! I find myself thinking about the bin collections already....

Roll on April....