Saturday, November 20, 2010

Texas Tassels

constance muller rochambeau
A lovely package arrived on my doorstep the other day. Tassels from Texas.
constance muller rochambeau
My lovely blogging friend Constance Muller (Rochambeau) made me some fabulous strawberries
constance muller rochambeau
and cherries made from vintage sari fabric. I used these on two of my Ghost Furniture pieces, both sold now needless to say.
constance muller rochambeau
Constance has now turned her talents to tassels. Now I think everyone knows by now about my flirtation with tassels, the concrete versions which I love and adore.
Constance sent me these two fabulous tassels as a belated birthday present along with some more of those delicious cherries which I needed for a commission.
constance muller rochambeau
Constance being Constance wrapped them exquisitely as only Constance could.
constance muller rochambeau
It took me an age to choose my gifts from her fabulous range. How clever is this lady????

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rochambeau said...

Happy to know these tassels made it to your cottage in the forest and to see them in your abode, Di!!
Is tonight the fiesta at the hall? If so ~~