Monday, October 04, 2010

Win £1000 To Spend At The Conran Shop - Be The First

You, my readers, are being given the EXCLUSIVE opportunity to be the first to enter a fantastic competition to win £1000 to spend at the Conran Shop. Here's what you do:

The Conran Shop has just launched the new 'Conran Classic' collection, celebrating their 54 most iconic designs. What would make it into YOUR 'Classic collection'?

How to enter:
1. Create your own collection in a moodboard, featuring up to 20 pieces from The Conran Shop.

2. Enter it into the 'Conran Classic' competition when prompted

3. Add your moodboard to a folder, where you can add photos, products, annotations and anything else that inspired your collection! Give us as much information as possible about how you chose your collection.

The winning collection will be judged by The Conran Shop on November 1st 2010.

As you can see I have done my very own Moodboard but you are not up against me as I am not allowed to enter.

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