Monday, September 13, 2010

My Saturday Evening With Hamlet In The Bastle

On Saturday evening we filled a flask with hot chocolate, found a bottle of brandy and went to our friends Bastle in the next village. A Bastle is a fortified house and they were built to keep out the marauding Scots.
hamlet at the bastle
The local Amateur Dramatics Society put on a production of Hamlet. Let me first say that even though they had a superb location the sound, lighting, costumes and acting lived up to the venue in every way. The play was performed in and around the Bastle which made it extra special.
hamlet at the bastle
We stood outside and were confronted with the ghost of Hamlet's father (very spooky) then
hamlet at the bastle
Hamlet did his stuff along with the other superb actors. Hard to believe these people are amateurs. Inside the Bastle is stunningly beautiful, an ideal location for a Shakespearean play
hamlet at the bastle
He had a bit of a hard time did Hamlet and
hamlet at the bastle
his stepfather cum uncle didn't help much, we all hissed and booed him when he came into the pub later. Ophelia went mad and
hamlet at the bastle
was buried in the garden. All was well with us though as we had Pimms and Danish Delights served to us and the weather was lovely.


stencil helen said...

That's a hoot. It looks wonderful and atmospheric. We have a theatrical production from Stocksfield Players in my home in October. Fancy coming to that one?

Anonymous said...

that is such a fabulous place for Hamlet...Pimms!, waht a riot and such a fun time.