Friday, July 09, 2010

Birth Announcement and a Coup

concrete ghost tassels on mocoloco
Yesterday I awoke to find that our Concrete Tassels made it to Mocoloco, thank you guys we really appreciate it. Now I would like to announce the
concrete ghost tassels on mocoloco
birth of our baby tassels. Above are the proud parents and
concrete ghost tassels on mocoloco
here are the babies, waiting to be decorated and carefully placed as key tassels on
concrete ghost tassels on mocoloco
this new piece of Ghost Furniture. This will make a lovely home for someone's laptop.
If you want to see how these tassels are made then go on over to Kathy's blog and take a peek, she has done a fabulous post about the process.


Jan said...

Congrats & happy weekend !

stnicholasandchristmas said...

How very interesting! Congratulations on your babies!! They are lovely!

Sarah @ Natural History said...

They're absolutely beautiful and am thrilled about the baby ones - completely lovely!