Saturday, July 24, 2010

Being 59

being 59
Today is my birthday and I am now in the last year of my fifties. Celebrate with me, have some
being 59
being 59
The year I was born, 1951, people looked like this but
being 59
in the 1960s things started to change, thankfully. I have been fortunate enough to have lived through some of the most important decades in history. Not everything in my personal life or the World has been good during my time here but it's certainly been interesting and
being 59
being in the company of these ladies, all of whom I can call peers isn't so bad.
being 59
So here's to another 59 which will make me 118. To think, next year I will get a bus pass.


Juli56 said...

Happy birthday to you.Have a great day .The next year will be the best of your life.
Greatings from Germany Sabine

Concrete Jungle said...

Happy happy Birthday! Let's toast to the 118 and the bus pass! Love the new header and it is special being in the company of such great women....
Hope your day is wonderful!

Helen Cowans said...

Happy Birthday! have a great day :)

Burlesque Gallery and Interior Design said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday DI:) Wishing you the happiest years to come, filling your life with nothing but joy, good health, and good fortune, surrounded by the people you love:) Have a lovely day. Laith from Dubai


I wish you the happiest of days and the happiest of years Di.....Happy Birthday, xxv

Jan said...

Many Many Happy Returns Di!

Colorfullthings said...

Happy birthday!


Kaerie Faerie said...

Happy Birthday, I love to see a women living in the now with no regrets
love all your posts
a senior fairy

C.J. said...

59! you are still a baby. the nicest thing about getting older is the more you age the more self confident and comfortable you become! Enjoy and happy birthday!

Len said...

Happy Birthday!

Gillian said...

Happy Birthday Di!!!
Many happy and stylish returns xoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday but in the current financial climate I wouldn't rely on the bus pass.

Freshly Found said...

Happy 59th!!!! You're looking good for half way to 118!

rouge said...

You're pretty fab, and that isn't related to age.

Happy Birthday Di. Keep on rockin'.

Michaele said...

Happy, happy, HAPPY Birthday Di!

Splendid Willow said...

Happy Birthday year -- beautiful Di!

You look fantastic my friend and yes look at all those other gorgeous friends of yours!

I hope you were celebrated royally!

A warm hug all the way from Seattle!

ox, Mon

Mélanie A. said...

HAPPY birthday . ENjoy your last year of fifties
My dad was born the same year

stencil helen said...

Happy birthday sweetie. Hope to see you when I'm back in UK. See, I'm checking in from the hotel computer!

Marilyn said...

I hope you celebrated with pure abandonment. Celebrate all year long and then throw yourself an extra special birthday next year. I did.

- Suzie - said...

Happy Birthday Di !
Looks like you enjoyed the day !
You are young at heart that is why you do not care about the figures, right ?!
greetings from Bangkok