Friday, June 18, 2010

Have Your Cake and Give It

cake boxes by imeon design
There's no denying that there are some very clever folk out there. Imeon Design on Etsy make these gorgeous boxes for cakes and favours (yes I spell favours with a U 'cos I'm English).
Well why not have the cake boxes good enough to eat also?
cake boxes by imeon design
cake boxes by imeon design


Emily said...

Those are so cute!! Very clever!

Splendid Willow said...

Oh My! No grand party planned here, but I just might need to buy a whole set anyway. Will come in handy at some point.

Still on?

A warm hug - and don't stress too much!

ox, Mon

Anonymous said...

That is perfect for party. It is very cute. Nice design, the best box for cakes.

dining room table said...
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Charlotta Ward said...

I love things like this!
One can never get enough of these things. As yummy as cake really!

x Charlotta