Monday, May 10, 2010

Paris Plans

marie claire maison and elle decoration
Arrived Paris vicinity around 10pm last night. Up, bathed and off to the shops for my 2 favourite French magazines Marie Claire Maison and Elle Decoration. Studied them and kept asking Charlotte to translate, she has gone out now, I think she is pissed off with being my translator. Tomorrow I will be
parisian chic
looking chic on top and
flat boots in paris
not so chic down below. If you see me in Paris then only look at my top half if you want to be impressed. Paris does your feet no favours believe me. I will be meeting Tara (Paris Parfait) outside
merci concept store
Merci just to check what's in the Fiat this month, maybe we will check out the store - Is the Pope a Catholic? Then onto the
Bastille antiques fair
Bastille Antiques Fair, so kind of them to hold it when I am here. Then we will be meeting up with Claudia (The Paris Apartment) to

parisian cafe
sip cafe, talk, talk and talk some more. We may people watch who knows. Then onto a particular
passementier paris
passementier in The Marais, this is business so don't be envious. Our day will progress and feet will be soaked on return to Tara's apartment. The rest of the week will be spent eating, talking and being ferried around by the lovely Charlotte to
brocantes of paris
brocantes in far flung Parisian suburbs. They are the best, for bargains are to be had, also
depot ventes france
the Depot Ventes where the Parisians off load their family heirlooms and shoot off to IKEA to buy some new ones. Don't understand, will never understand. The must do trip will then occur, which is a trip to pick up my
french paint
specially mixed paints and
french paint brushes
wonderful French paint brushes because a girl has to work to pay for these trips.
I will be reporting back with snippets of my week. Au revoir.


Julie at Belle Vivir said...

Lucky you. I wish I were there. enjoy!!

the paris apartment said...

Can't wait till our rendezvous, I'm taking the day off tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

yes, we - french people - are so stupid ! we loooooove ikea !

studioJudith said...

I'm loving living vicariously through you on this Paris jaunt....
wish I could join you and Tara at

Karena said...

Ooh, I am so excited to see your results!!


Art by Karena

Lynne Rutter said...

envious!!! have a fabulous time!