Sunday, May 09, 2010

Off To Paris Yet Again

paris bastille antiques
It's Sunday morning (early) and I am just about to set off for Paris. Charlotte our daughter has been home from there and we are driving back with her. I don't mind the French drive but the English part always becomes a pain with roadworks that stretch for miles with not one person working.
On Tuesday Tara (Paris Parfait), Claudia (The Paris Apartment) and myself are meeting at Bastille where Antiques Market is taking place. I shall be reporting on this and other jaunts during next week. Au revoir.


Mélanie A. said...

It is great to know you are going to have a bloggers meeting

Sanity Fair said...

Hope it was a wonderful weekend! Can't think of a better place to vaca. And don't worry - roadworks with no one ever working on them isn't just a UK thing, unfortunately...
-Sanity Fair

Denise Kiggan said...

You are SOOOO lucky! Have another great time!

FrenchBlue said...

Oh Di!
lucky little ducky!!! Tell Claudia and Tara BONJOUR from ME!! You are the ones for sure!! The earth may move at the moment of the meeting of the three great minds... if not the earth, heaven for sure will!!
Have fun!!!

paris parfait said...

What fun! So lucky to have you here! xoxox