Monday, May 17, 2010

An Afternoon in Monmartre

I had to visit the Mercier district of Paris to purchase leather and trimmings. I knew it was in the Montmartre area so climbed on the Funicular to go to the top. WARNING: do not go there!!!
No parking sign outside Sacre Coeur, you couldn't even park your arse outside that place, it was so packed.
This poor woman playing traditional French music on her accordion must have been freezing, I was.
The obligatory picture of Paris from Sacre Coeur, a grey day indeed. We escaped that area before I hit one of the artists over the head with their clipboard which they kept thrusting in front of me. The square is now taken over with restaurant marquees and the artists tout their skills amongst the crowds.
marche saint pierre paris
We walked back down the steps turned right and hit the Mercier area (Marche Saint Pierre) which we had passed without a second glance earlier. This shop just blew me away with it's floor to ceiling displays of every trimming known to man and
marche saint pierre paris
the area sold every fabric from every country around the world. We had lunch at a traditional brasserie that the shop keepers use (always the best food). Then after purchasing butter soft leather skins, vivid red patent leather and trimmings galore for my new Ghost Furniture range we headed back to the peace of the countryside.
marche saint pierre paris
On the way back to the Metro I passed this shop that sold only yarn covered balls with little lights inside, in every size and colour you could want.
marche saint pierre paris
Perspex tubes full of them. If I could have I would have taken one of those tubes back up to the square and let them loose. Imagine the chaos.
If you want trimmings or fabrics then you must visit March Saint Pierre. Someone once said that the steps to Sacre Coeur are the steps to heaven, I disagree. Just stand below and look up for the best view.


Unknown said...

What wonderful treasure shops those are! Do you have any space left in the car for you? :)

vicki archer said...

I can't wait to visit this fabric store sounds dangerous for me, xv.

stencil helen said...

I went to the yarn light shop with my Aunt Jean, she bought a string of them in a tube. I have never seen the wonderful trimming shop, too busy dodging the bracelet sellers!

Splendid Willow said...

And you did not ask me to come along???? I would have bought the whole store. Shoes and trimmings - my kind of obsessions.

Any news yet, my friend? I am waiting, and waiting...

ox, Mon

Jan said...

You're such a rebel.
Interesting trip.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That trim shop seems like heaven, how did you ever manage to leave it?

Also, if your hunting leather, Le Prevo in Newcastle is brilliant.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi called in from Rochambeau's blog.

Not only did my friend and I climb to the Sacre coeur, we also climbed to the top of the Dome, yes right up to the top. :-)