Friday, February 12, 2010

Stop The World I Want To Be Sick

stop the world i want to be sick
Every now and again I can use this blog to get something off my chest and today I am doing just that.
stop the world i want to be sick
I think it all started with 24 hour news, there's not enough news to fill 24 hours so now we have to listen to speculation from the people who were supposed to inform us.
stop the world i want to be sick
Then followed Reality TV. Yes everyone seems to want their 15 minutes of fame.
stop the world i want to be sick
Even the government got involved. Our Prime Minister started ringing the contestants on these shows to wish them luck. Hasn't he got a proper job?
stop the world i want to be sick
Scares about Global Warming have been around for years and suddenly the governments realised they could actually get more revenue by taxing people who weren't Green. Rising population is a much bigger problem, how long before they jump on this bandwagon?
stop the world i want to be sick
Health scares blown out of all proportion by governments and the press. Billions being wasted on needless vaccines because they are scared of losing votes. What happened to politicians that wanted to change the world?

A new thing is now occurring in the British Media and that is famous people crying on TV. Last night even our Prime Minister gave it a go.
stop the world i want to be sick
Do the politicians and the press take us for idiots? Because if they do and it continues in this vein we will have produced a generation of just that - IDIOTS!


Whitney-Anne Baker said...

oh, thank you so much for saying all of this - I cannot for the life of me understand the whole crying on tv thing. Ersatz emotion to make do for the real thing perhaps.

Rose said...

I love how even your rants are beautifully illustrated!
Spotted a vintage fair coming up at Newcastle, thought you might be interested;

Di Overton said...

Who ever you are Rose - THANK YOU I am desperate for some vintage haberdashery for a project and you have solved my problem big time

vicki archer said...

Love your rant Di...xv

studioJudith said...

This world just seemed
totally warped , no matter which direction you look.
Some days I think if I start ranting, there just may be no end.
Yuck to everything to mentioned
so MUCH more!


paris parfait said...

Hear, hear m'dear!

Rose said...

Hehe, I'm one of your secret avid readers. Glad to be of use!

corine@ hidden in france said...

Have you been reading my mind?
signed: your not secret avid reader.

Trouvais said...

Abe Lincoln "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time." Especially if they're paying attention. Most of us are too busy slogging away at life to notice the absurdities that build up until we get the bill. Love your well designed (great photos)rants. XO Trish

babelfish said...

I love your clarity of mind...

Anonymous said...

You are right. The media is a cynical machine designed to make us feel as inadequate/lonely/hungry/scared as possible. But there is a simple solution, especially for someone who is so eminently capable of starting a life off the grid as yourself: turn it off. The media is a vampire that feeds of our attention. Let's starve it.

Jeanne Rhea said...

I just went to hear columnist Ellen Goodman speak at Meredith College on this topic---news, food fight journalism and what is happening in the media. I am a big fan of hers after reading her columns for at least 35 years. She barely touched on the reasons or cause of this trend of continuous news coverage and what she termed "food fight journalism." I believe that when CNN started doing unscientific polls on what people thought and never gave them more than two or three choices on topics that are very complex and then they reported these polls as if they were news, then this whole opinion on our opinions (polls) became the news and food for commentary for the media. Then that all became the news and it was all based on just what people thought. Now with their constant twittering and the tweets that come in, it is obnoxious as they now make this related to news topics or the news. They do not report what is happening. They are reporting what they think we are thinking and what will draw us back to listen to more of their commentaries. I just want to scream! Some days they are on one side of an issue and the next day they are on another as they realize they just opinionated themselves out of one segment of the viewing population. I am all for scientific polling and that can be news if it in fact shows a trend or forces an issue, but using polls for ratings is not the way for reputable news organizations to go.
Thanks for a wonderful post!