Thursday, December 03, 2009

An Angel At My Table Table

There's some stunningly beautiful things on this UK website - An Angel At My Table - and all very reasonably priced. Am very tempted by these Baroque Pearl Lights,
baroque pearl lights
birdcage mirrors
these Birdcage Mirrors,
bohemian lamp
this Bohemian Lamp,
this Set of 10 Cachepots,
rose petal velvet shoes
these Rose Petal velvet Slippers and
fruit and bird candles
these Fruit and Bird Candles. I need my hands tying up so I can't get at my credit cards.


Enzie Shahmiri said...

Everything is very nice, but I really like the bird cage/mirrors. Grouped together they could brighten up a dark and dull corner.

corine said...

Bird cage mirrors! Fabulous.

Helen Cowans said...

Oh no, why did you remind me about this site :) ..... its very very dangerous!

babelfish said...

affordable, unique and fabulous, you have the best finds!