Friday, November 06, 2009

There's Cards Then There's Anzu Cards

The lovely Ellen of Anzu sent me a fantastic selection of cards recently and I just had to show you them.
anzu patent cards
I can't take the credit for these pictures, it's so hard to photograph Patent Cards and do them justice - they are fabulous, as are
anzu handpainted cards
the handpainted ones,
anzu cut out cards
the cut out ones and
anzu fashion cards
the fashion ones. I am hooked on Anzu Cards


vicki archer said...

Very cute...xv

babelfish said...

fabulous collection.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Isn't she a clever duck!
Can't figure out how much they are though?
Can you?

Anzu said...

Thank you so much Di for posting about me! I feel very honoured to be on your blog. Ellen x

Anzu said...

ps in reply to ParisBreakfasts - I love being called a clever duck! The prices start from £1.99 and people can email us for stockists

paris parfait said...

Nice work; clever and original.