Thursday, November 05, 2009

Remember Remember The 5th of November

guy fawkes origami
It's Bonfire Night here in the UK. Only us Brits could celebrate the anniversary of someone trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament.
I Googled Guy Fawkes (he who tried to blow it up) and came up with this - an origami Guy Fawkes Mask. I then noticed that the rose is also origami. These are by Brian Chan - go and see his other beautiful work.
origami rose


Jan said...

Yeah, only in the UK :)

Andrew said...

There's no accounting for cultural tradition in the UK. The Queen's official bodyguard (Yeoman of the Guard) still search the vaults of parliament for plotters before the state opening each November.

rochambeau said...

Happy Bonfire Night, Di.
Will you be roasting any marshmallows?

Hugs from Tx!!


Bridget said...

Incredible origami!
Happy bones fire night, so british, so delicious!