Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Think I May Want a Pink Flocked Phone

pink flocked phone
I miss old style phones, the ones that you sat in one place with. I walk now I am on the phone and do things like putting away dishes, make a coffee and I have even been known to take a pee. All this because you can. If I had this phone I could sit and feel frivolous.
Designed by Johnny Egg and available at Heals


Jan said...

Miss Hilton comes to mind.
(could the person you were talking to hear what you were doing in the loo ? you are shocking Di :)

Mélanie said...

Love this phone ..

stencil helen said...

We still have a phone like this, it's pink but not flocked. We frequently experience power cuts out here and that is the only phone that continues to work in those situations. Been guilty of the pee thing too.

Anzu said...

Our modern phones have given up the ghost in the office so at the moment we just have a really old school one like this, only ours is red and cream. It takes ages to dial out on, has a very distinctive ring and we laugh each time we use it. I love it. (Although I must admit we do also use our mobiles rather more now though too!)