Monday, October 12, 2009

There and Back Again

OK so travelling is exhausting no matter how much you try to treat it as an adventure but when you are doing the things you love then it is a hundred times easier. Last week we travelled the length of England (almost) but
leigh on sea
when we saw our first port of call it was so well worth it. We were in Leigh on Sea in Essex to deliver that huge 200 year old frame to a Ghost Furniture customer. The couple, who were delightful and so very welcoming owned a fabulous Art Deco house over looking the Thames Estuary,
the Thames Estuary
how's this for a room with a view? They made us a lovely cup of tea that really hit the spot after such a long drive.
vintage frames
On to Newark for a visit to the International Antiques Fair with over 4,000 stalls. This is the stall of Kate Ellway, a young lady with a great eye for vintage styling.
vintage styling
I loved her layouts
vintage fan holders
and lusted after these beautiful purple velvet fan holders and
vintage pelmet
this fabulous pelmet.
gold lame and lace collar
I then found Nina of Straight Lace and just had to have this gold lame and lace collar for one of those fabulous gold chairs I bought in Paris last week.
1920s red hat
Her collection of 1920s hats blew me away and
vintage jewellery
her collection of sparkling vintage jewellery was to die for.
Burlesque feather Fan
I just had to buy a Burlesque Fan from Pilgrim Antiques for the back of one of the French Salon Chairs I bought in Paris last week, these are the others I left for other people to buy, mine is black and huge.
lady in a cup
and no way was I going to leave this lady in that cup, she came home with me and after washing her face she is now stunning.
red burlesque feather fan
I adored this fan but it was just a bit too expensive and not quite big enough for my needs.
vintage framed photos
Pilgrim's collection of vintage photos and silhouettes were beautiful.
paris vintage gloves
I had to wipe my mouth in case I drooled all over this vintage leather portfolio with 34 minature glove samples from a Parisian designer.
paris vintage glove samples
Each and every one was stunning. If you are interested in purchasing these (if the lovely lady still has them) you can visit her website - Bags of Style - and contact her.
paris vintage glove samples
I was very tempted but overcame the desire.
vintage glass bottles
She also had some fabulous glass and pewter bottles that would grace my dressing table beautifully.
1970s hat
Do you think I bought this hat from Jean Jones? YES I DID! Very Jean Shrimpton don't you think?
vintage coffee set
Jean had some stunning pieces such as this Coffee Set
vintage shoes
stacks of vintage shoes and
vintage vanity case
a fabulous Vanity Case with all it's bits and pieces.
All in all a very lovely trip.
Contacts for the above:
Kate Ellway: 07765051204
Straight Lace: 07970 678013
Pilgrim's Antique Centre: 01427 810897
Jean Jones: Always at stand 69 in The Shopping Arcade section of the Newark International Antiques Fair.
I will take a stand at Newark but haven't decided if I can stand the cold for 2 days at the December show, though I am very tempted.


◘ Jan said...

4000 stalls ?!
Well, I think you were very restrained Di.
Love the colours in the (Shrimpton) hat.

Rosa Phoenix said...

thank you, you have a great eye for treasures!

Splendid Willow said...

Di, one of these days I am so hopping over the pond to go shopping with you. (Yes, my lovely husband will just have to foot the bill!). OX Mon.

Mélanie said...

Gorgeous displays !! Thabks for sharing

ParisBreakfasts said...

Not THIS was FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YAY love when you do things...

Fashionable Earth said...

Thanks for the great post, wonderful finds! We love Jean Shrimpton - classic style -