Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Plumo Keeps Getting Better

maxi jumper dress at plumo
Every season Plumo just gets better. I was rewarded with these fabulous pieces when I visited the other day. I just love that look (above) so comfortable and stylish, my kind of outfit.
boots at plumo
shrug at plumo
dress at plumo
flower brooches at plumo
crystal table light at plumo


Mélanie said...

Thanks for having me discovered this iste ! It is gorgeous . I want to buy everything !I may buy some jewellry

beauty comma said...

i just discovered plümo yesterday! i recognized one of the photos from jaems merrell's website - if he's done all the photos it's no wonder we want to buy...

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Di, LOVE these boots! Bet you look great in them!