Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Journey To Paris Omitting London

a beautiful french village
OK I have missed out the bit where we drove from the Welsh Borders to Hampstead, London because it was awful though at the end was the most charming man who received his Ghost Furniture with much delight -if you are reading this Simon we arrived in Paris safely. If I were Mayor of London I would blow up the North Circular Road.
a beautiful french village
The first fabulous village we hit on the way down to Charlotte's was graced by this amazing Chateau,
a beautiful french village
the village church was a delight
a beautiful french village
and the village itself was stunning.


Jan said...

Well, I don't like it, but do kind of need the North Circular.
Just saying :)

Interesting travels though.

babelfish said...

Such a beautiful and peaceful place to live, so lucky :)