Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Ell and Cee and Liberty

ell and cee at liberty
Summer, warmth, sunshine and floating around in this dreamy lingerie. What could feel better? From an amazing collection by Ell and Cee who now have a shop at Liberty which only goes to prove how good they are.
ell and cee lingerie
ell and cee lingerie
ell and cee lingerie


Fie said...

Even if it is completely see-through, I would wear the last one everywhere. Omg so beautiful.

Noel Solomon said...

If I could have every one I would. So delicate and pretty. Lovee these!

Drainage Galveston, TX said...
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Shabby chic furniture said...

Delightful lingerie!

TheDecoDetective said...

These garments are absolutely beautiful - although if I started floating around in one of these, some neighbour accidentally would come over to borrow a hammer or something. It's Trudi's law of minor mishaps. Nobody comes around unless you're badly dressed or "not decent".