Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lou Lou Loves Books and So Do I

Lou Lou Loves Books
I received an email the other day from the girl who designs these books - Lou Lou Loves Books and the good news is that she has just launched her new website. I love her quirky ideas and her About Me page is brilliant. For instance a childhood memory that put her on the path to designing these books:
I’ve got my towel tucked under my arm and my dad and I are on our way to Foyles bookshop which was our Saturday morning treat. My dad told me it was the biggest bookshop in the world and I loved it, the fresh piles of new books and being allowed to choose one.
Lou Lou Loves Books
Lou Lou Loves Books


paris parfait said...

These are so terrific!

Jan said...

Wonderful link (I still don't know how you find them Di)

ParisBreakfasts said...

you went GREY type on us!
Why ?
I can't read it...sorry :(