Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Blossom Buds Vase

Blossom Buds Vase by angela ha
I am not sure if I have seen these before but I just needed to show you in case you hadn't. Designed by Angela Ha and available from Echo Home in the UK, which incidentally is well worth a visit.
You peel back the removable sections and create something beautiful. As they say in the advert - the possibilities are endless.
Blossom Buds Vase by angela ha
Blossom Buds Vase by angela ha


TheDecoDetective said...

I hadn't seen these! They're gorgeous and very special, so thank you so much for sharing! I like the one with the pale pink roses in the first picture very much.

Blue Muse said...

I have never seen anything like this - they are gorgeous!
xo Isa

paris parfait said...

So lovely and unexpected!

rochambeau said...

Very different from the pillows. Yet totally unique in their own rite. I LIKE them very much.

Sarthak said...

unique ! i'm begining to wonder, what would be more beautiful ? the flowers or such vase's !! love them !

Helen-LG said...

wow, what a wonderful idea!

And vases which are guaranteed to look good on display even when empty