Monday, June 22, 2009

This Is Why I Only Use French Paints

french paints
Well can you blame me?
These from Maison Decorative in Marseilles. Visit their site, it's a visual delight.
french paints
french paints
french paints
french paints
french paints


paris parfait said...

Almost makes me want to get out a paintbrush. :) xo

stencil helen said...

I have used a product similar to their By Light Glitter Glaze with great results Actually the paint that I sell from the UK is being discontinued soon if you and you readers have any bright ideas for a good stencil paint in small tubs I'd like to hear

Blue Muse said...

xo Isa

Noel Solomon said...

I love how artistic these photos look. So lovely!

xoxo Noel

Judith. Santa Fe said...

Beautiful images .. .
they make me want to dive in
to each one!

Mélanie said...

Hey Di, I live very close to this factory and I've never heard about it. From England, you make me know about it, J'aodre

rochambeau said...

Hi Di,
Beautiful color pallet! Thank you for the introduction! Stunning!


Petra - Designfragment said...

I painted with this type of paint once, and what a difference!

Petra- Designfragment