Monday, June 29, 2009

Luscious and Delicious = Liscious, Where I Didn't Die But Went To Heaven

On Friday I promised you heaven if you checked back in today. Well here it is.

On Wednesday I wandered into Jericho the fabulous Bohemian area of Oxford. Whilst snapping this picture of old Tea and Coffee prices I noticed a shop along the road had a big red ribbon hanging out of the upstairs window.

I wandered along and saw this. Liscious is a shop I could happily have moved into and it even came gift wrapped.

On closer inspection I saw this amazing Dolls House in the window. You even get a picture of me if you look closely.

Even the door handle was heart stopping.

I looked to the right and more treasures came into view.

By this time I was more than a tad breathless. This shop has everything a designer dreams of.

It was all too much and I had to speak to someone. Out stepped Fran Cundy the co-owner, with her sculptor husband Walter, of Liscious. They previously owned Ruby Tuesdays which is a legend in it's own time. Fran was charming, wacky, funny and very knowledgeable. This lady really knows her stuff.
Time for a tour.

Everywhere I looked another eye catching display hit me.

Vintage hats, antique mirrors, bronze figures and

chandeliers galore. Nothing goes to waste at Liscious, scraps of fabulous fabrics go to make bunting.

The back of the shop has a room full of stunning vintage clothes and shoes and even more fabulous pieces of furniture.

This gold dress felt like water running through my fingers when I touched it.

Off up the staircase which has been given a brilliant shabby chic look. Now, on the first landing there was a painted black room with sumptuous Morrocan style pieces in but my camera just wouldn't do it's stuff - sorry.

On walking onto the second landing I was confronted by an enormous room with painted white floors and walls furnished with more exquisite pieces.

My God they even had my all time favourite Fortuny Lamp.

Another room led off this one with an antique plan chest with lamp shade sitting on it. This was one seriously fabulous shade. I'm not finished yet as

I then discovered there was a basement that had a room full of vintage linens and trimmings.

Another room with a beautiful French Daybed and Screen. Everything was exquisitely dressed.

Even more Chairs and Mirrors in yet another room. Liscious not only stocks everything a designer needs but all of it is available for the public to buy. Liscious will design your home, upholster your old furniture, order you stunning fabrics and welcome you with open arms and a friendly smile which to me is essential.

This picture and

this one were taken in their previous showroom, the new one, in Jericho, is a work in progress, if this is a work in progress I can't wait to see it finished.

Well you didn't think I would come away empty handed did you? I bought this, I can't think of a word good enough to describe it, French Silk Embroidered Fabric for our lounge curtains which will be backed in apple green, silk velvet.
Well I promised you heaven and think I delivered it in spades don't you?


Jan said...

You most certainly did deliver Di (bet you had to be dragged out of there!) :)

ParisBreakfasts said...

DELICIOUS Luscious!!
More pls of your pics=YUM

Judith. Santa Fe said...

That gold dress!!
The linens!!
OMG - the door handle!!

annechovie said...

Some gorgeous treasures! Thanks for visiting today, Di! Your blog is fab.

Sea Angels said...

How do you do are amazing....this is a gorgeous shop..I'm nowhere near Oxford but I will be asap ha ha....
Thanks soooo much for sharing, and those lounge windows are going to be lucky girl.
Lots of hugs Lynn xxx

Kay said...

This shop reminds me of a fabulous antique shop in Rye, East sussex..they always had divine things in amazing setting too! Unfortunately I can't remeber the name of it...

rochambeau said...

Liscious is De~liscious!
What a FABULOUS find ~ a GOLD STAR establishment! Also, your new silk: to die for!~
Now, I will check out their website
Thanks to you!!


rochambeau said...

ADORE THAT DOLL HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FrenchBlue said...

Licious is purely THE BEST in every way! You must have be mesmerized! I want that dollhouse!! I felt like I was there walking though and discovering with you~ How fun! Thank you for the tour and for the introduction! Did you buy anything?

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

The door handle, the dolls house and the basement with the linens! Beautiful shop and tour! I love your fabric that you picked up as well. Divine!

paris parfait said...

Oh yes - that antique plan chest! And like you, my all-time fave Fortuny lamp (one of these days, am going to get one). And one delicious thing after another! I'm thinking I should bring a van the next time we get to Oxford. Um, don't suppose you have their phone number? :) xoxox

vicki archer said...

What a fabulous find Di...I loved so many bits in your photographs. The fabric you have found is gorgeous. Heaven indeed....xv

Sanity Fair said...

WHAT a great find - I want everything in the place! jealous!

Noel Solomon said...

That door handle is heart stopping! Lovely things!!

xoxo Noel

Freshly Found said...

What fun to share this amazing shop with you!

Barbara said...

A Feast for the eyes! Really enjoyed the tour.

TheDecoDetective said...

Omg, this definitely looks like heaven! They should sell extra apartments too, so one could buy somewhere to put everything one couldn't resist in their shop.

walter said...

Wow, thats all fantastic! Fran will be thrilled when I show her your comments. She works hard at her effortless chic! I just sweat a lot moving the furniture around!
We have a rolling lease on the shop which is doomed to the developers, like most cool things in Oxford, but we will be there for a couple of years at least cos the landlord has run out of money! Ha ha. And we will always be looking for the next crumbling venue.
You are all more than welcome. Walter (liscious)

Anzu said...

This looks great. As soon as I get a new place, I will be heading there for things. Loved lots of it.