Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Me Myself and I

I have realised of late that a lot of people have a vision of me that may not be exactly spot on so I have decided to do a little run through of my life. Also this may be handy for my family of the future to read when I am but a memory.
london 1951
I was born in London in 1951 and this is what people looked like then though they were in colour in real life.
my sister and i
We were not very well off as you may have gathered by the wallpaper. Shabby chic didn't even exist then. I am the one with no elastic in her knickers the other, who has, is my elder sister Linda.
hammer and sickel
My parents were both communists but that did not necessarily make them bad people. They taught me to question.
I didn't follow in their footsteps however as I opened my first business, Dizzy's, in 1980 as a knitwear designer. They were proud even though it clashed with their beliefs.
joanna lumley
People constantly say I look like Joanna Lumley and I have to admit I do even when getting off the toilet or is she getting on?
edwardian house gosforth
I used to live in this big house in the city
edwardian lounge
with massive rooms and a massive mortgage
stop and smell the roses
I woke up and smelled the roses and jacked it all in
cottage in northumberland national park
for this. We closed our ad agency, sold and moved to our weekend cottage in the Northumberland National Park. We spent the last year extending said cottage and living a totally new kind of life. I recommend this to anyone who is stressed and tired of city life.
street bowls in tarset
We make our own entertainment here. This was May Day Bank Holiday Monday. We all played Street Bowls in the rain and wind. Have you ever tried bowling on a hill?
laughing in the face of adversity
We smile in the face of adversity as long as we end up at the pub. This is Sarah, she's a school teacher and is always smiling even when she hasn't got a pint in her hand.
the winner
The winner Gavin shared his prize of Pink Champagne from the cup he also won. I just hope no one had Swine Flu.
We cooked and ate local produce from the barbeque and drank way too much, so much that yesterday was just a blur.
don't worry be happy
I only worry for 10 minutes at a time. Life's too short.
laugh lines
I don't understand people who get face lifts, botox etc. Laugh lines are part of my facial landscape, they are me and didn't come via a knife or an injection and I only like to fill my face with food not chemicals.
I am 57 and will be 58 in July and I LOVE IT. I feel at peace with myself and though life isn't perfect, and who's is, it's a lot more perfect than I ever expected it to be.
smoking lady
Oh yes I smoke and I think that as long as I do it in my own space, which is at the open stable door at the back of the cottage, then it is no one's business but mine and my lungs. It's not funny and it's not clever but there's worse things I could be doing, such as pretending there are weapons of mass distruction somewhere where I need to protect by business interests.
the old woman who lived in a shoe
Harvey and I have 5 kids and 9 grand kids between us
bits of me
and sometimes I feel as though there isn't enough of me to go around.
creating ghost furniture
I create constantly - in my mind, in the car, on the loo and even in my sleep.
creating ghost furniture
I have corners of creativity all over our cottage which every now and again I clear but not as often as I should. They can't shoot you for it though.
nature's colours
I am constantly turned on by nature's colours. They fuel my mind and turn into the most unlikely things.
questions and answers
I haven't got all the answers to all the questions there are in the world but I have an open mind and will always listen to the other side and then make a decision. These 3 brass letters sit next to my computer to remind me of that.
I am happy with getting older. As my father always said - 'everyone gets a turn, you've had yours if you got this far'. Makes a lot of sense to me.


vicki archer said...

Bravo - brilliant post. I loved reading more about you and what a wise father you had Di. xv

Julie said...

Great post Did. Thank you for letting us know a little bit more about you. Interesting life you've had. Good point about the weapons of mass destruction.

Judith. Santa Fe said...

Thanks for sharing such a candid post and letting us peek into your history and your vision.



If we lived in the same town, we would be become fast friends and perhaps cause a few whispers. Your post was so great.

Sylvie said...

What an incredible post Di. You are gorgeous. Hugs and kisses to you.
Hey, do you realize we both have an Idol connection now?

Burlesque Gallery and Interior Design said...

I loved your open and candid. I have always dreamt of leaving the city someday, and moving to a simpler, quite and peacful place. I dont think I have the courage to that now, but maybe someday:) You're an inspiration always

Ulla said...

Di you are a treasure! I love your honesty, integrity and sense of humor! Gods to be in a place where people bowl in the rain for entertainment - now thats MY kind of country!!!
Hugs and kisses

FrenchBlue said...

Peek-a-boo... I see you~
I love seeing beautiful you! Inspiring life you have..Thanks for sharing yourself...

paris parfait said...

Di, I already knew much of this story, but you've summarised it all so beautifully! You are gorgeous, inside and out! Looking forward to seeing you in Paris later this month. Tomorrow is Opening Day at Bastille - wish you were here now! xoxox

Ilva said...

Thank you Di for this wonderful post! After a BAD morning and a slightly better day, this made my evening very good indeed. You are a very generous person, thanks for being that!

Sofa Menthol said...

Ce n'est pas honteux d'avoir des parents communistes... C'est même une chance, un respect obligé envers l'humanité.

Jan said...

Almost speechless (but not quite)!
Inspired inspiring post Di.

stencilhelen said...

It does not matter that I've known you for years I still love hearing your stories. I thoroughly enjoy the bonkers things that you all get up to in the wilds of our county. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Aussie Jo said...

You forgot to say how much you inspire others. Thankyou for sharing and thankyou for all your inspiring photos, they make my day.

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful and humble story about your life. It is quite humbling to hear how you've embraced age (I'm turning 50 next year and freaked out). Your journey and story is very special.

Primrose said...

Love, love, love this post! You do look like Joanna Lumley and what a gorgeous woman to resemble! I adore her as well. She's so elegant and intelligent. I love your tree-change and seeing where you have come from. I totally agree with you on the Botox etc. You are stunning with your lines the way they are! You had a gorgous house in the city but I think I would take the beautiful home you have now. Please chuck the fags however! I worry about people when they smoke. I'll try not to worry for more than ten minutes! Thanks for sharing, Di. You always are such an inspiration in so many ways!

louloulovesbooks said...

A lovely post with brilliant images, I love you and your sister when young-how cute are those girlies?
Still smiling like you mean it, well done.

BODIE and FOU said...

Fabulous as ever...Di I love you

Sarthak said...

aww..this was such a candid depiction of you, your life, i liked the picture of your childhood with your sister, very cute little girls in there !

TheDecoDetective said...

Excellent post: intelligent, funny and reflective. Thank you for sharing this with us, Di! From what I can gather, your life sounds like anything else than ordinary. The photos you've chosen to accompany your story are also excellent!
And: I agree wholeheartedly with you in your view on Botox. I heard about a lady who had Botox and then the stuff wandered off, paralyzing half of her face. She looked like she'd had a stroke, of course. While you, on the other hand, look great.

Anzu said...

I have the same necklace as you with the cameos on it!
So nice to hear a happy story that doesn't revolve around being 20. You're a role model.

babelfish said...

This is such a wonderful post, and I love the photo of you and your sis (adorable every time I see it). You are blessed with so much Di, and deserve everything you've been I read this I hop over to read BBC News and 'Lumley' happens to be the main headline!

rochambeau said...

What a Spectacular post Di!
You have a great appreciation for your life AND I always appreciate your sense of humor.

The thing you say about accepting aging, I couldn't agree with you more.

So happy you and Harvey are taking time to smell the roses and make your own fun in your neck of the woods.

You are the best!


YOU look great in read lips.

corine said...

There are not enough of you to go around. Truer words were never spoken.
For example, it would be nice if one of you could live in LA near me. We would be absolute best of friends. Together we would stuff our face with food and bowl on slopes.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely and honest post. It is refreshing to hear someone embrace their reality and not cling to false images. Your reality is beautiful.

Tricia - Avolli

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Very inspiring post...I have yet to put anything about me on my blog, not sure about it..I have yet to feel happy within myself, it will come one day I am sure!

Mélanie said...

Wonderful post . I loev to know more about you ! The 1st picture of you is so cute

Jeanne Rhea said...

Really enjoyed the post about you. Funny and enlightening. Thanks for sharing part of your life.