Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Living Your Dream In The French Countryside

a village in France
When our youngest daughter, Charlotte, was 4 she announced to us that she was going to live in France when she was big. She is now 23 and has achieved her final goal. She now lives in the French countryside just outside Paris and walks out of her house to this view each day.
a village in France
The Mayor's office is right opposite which is very handy, added to the fact that he is her landlord.
a village in France
An osteopath's office around the corner makes you want to be in need of some treatment.
a village in France
Ivy clad houses seem to be the norm around here and they always have the biggest log stores ever.
a village in France
This gorgeous ancient building is along the road and is for sale - tempting!
a village in France
The village well
a village in France
and beautifully tended gardens that make you want to walk right in.
a village in France
Vegetables and flowers are grown all over the village

in fenced off areas and each and every one is immaculate.
a village in France
That's Charlotte's house through the trees with the white shutters. It's a wonderful feeling when you see your child's dreams come true.
Later today I will be photographing the makeover of Charlotte's house to show you and tomorrow we start to head back to our dream back in England.


kenju said...

It's beautiful there. Don't you want to move in with her?

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

Charlotte's neighborhood is wonderful! And how lucky she is to have all your talented help! It will be even lovelier when it's finished and I can't wait to see!


paris parfait said...

Can't wait to see the photos of your handiwork! No doubt Charlotte's lovely home looks much lovelier, after your magic touches! It was so good to spend time w/ you here. The antique wine-tasting table arrived today and I've been moving furniture to accommodate. You wouldn't recognise the back room! :) Safe travels. xoxox

Judith. Santa Fe said...

A vine covered village .. . .
perfection, indeed.


donna baker said...

Stumbled onto your blog and am smiling. Dreams really do come true.

Paris Lunch said...

Eeep You're still over there...
Oh my...

Sarthak said...

very pretty houses !! perfect for the summers !!

Zelda said...

I I just discover your blog ....
is there is any body alive in that village ??? ;-)

rochambeau said...

Charlotte's village looks absolutly perfect to me! So happy for her and you are Harvey...that you all are living in your dream!


that was a pretty photo that Tara took of you!!

Primrose said...

Yes, what a blessing to see your daughter grow up to achieve her dream. That village almost doesn't look real - it's so perfect!

Mélanie said...

It is a beautiful little french village.