Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Decals with Bling

chandelier wall art house of 3
Just when you think you have seen all the decals in the world someone goes the extra mile and adds some bling to them. Great idea from House of 3 and at only $19.99 per set a bargain to boot.
chandelier wall art house of 3
lamp wall art house of 3
lamp wall art house of 3
frames wall art house of 3
frames wall art house of 3


Judith. Santa Fe said...

Their website is great ... .
it makes you want to sit down and play. ....

Enzie at World Market Portraits said...

I like the decal idea and you are right the price is very affordable. A quick fix on a limited budget!

stencil helen said...

These are fun. I have put little crystals on relevant places on a wall featuring our chandelier stencil. I stuck the crystals on with the tiniest spot of blu tack so that they can be removed easily when repainting.
I like the Francais translation, is that new?

babelfish said...

I love these, an inexpensive way to do glam.


I like the idea of how you can make integration of each designed object and creating a virtual space.

Your blogg it so interesting, its a great contribution to the design!

C.J. said...

love these, thanks for shariing.

Debra said...

These are neat. I love the bling now I'm off to look at their website.