Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Headbands But Not As We Know Them

headbands by Camille Roman
What a fabulous idea. Whenever I have to wear a hat my hair ends up looking as though a dog has slept on it. These are headbands. Oh yes I can just see me going for the milk in the big pink bow. By Camille Roman -
Adults available at le Tour de Force
Childrens available at Little Fashion Gallery
headbands by Camille Roman


TheDecoDetective said...

I'd definitely choose the pink one as well. Maybe I could wear it when taeching my piano students, to spruce things up a bit. Although they would probably just reel discreetly - they're very well behaved (as proven when I started sporting my new retro glasses...).
And Di, thank you so much for including me on your blogroll with that great description! I just discovered, and I'm honoured! Your blog was one of the first I found when I started blogging, and I've always loved visiting, so I've obviously linked to your blog already.

rochambeau said...

I like em Di!. Especially the bottom two on the right. I would wear either to the right occasion.


babelfish said...

The children's bow are adorable, I love the one with white flowers.

JuliaFuentez said...

a little too blair waldorf , but i like them