Thursday, April 09, 2009

Happy Easter and The Versatility of Eggs

easter eggs
I can think of nothing more versatile than the humble egg. I mean think about it
easter eggs
you can paint them,
easter eggs
you can place them in a feather nest like French Blue have done,
easter eggs
You can even get felt ones,
easter eggs
some people when being cautious walk on them,
easter eggs
you can make candles out of them,
easter eggs
you can fill them with flowers,
easter eggs
you can carve them,
easter eggs
you can not only make cakes with them but you can model a cake on them,
easter eggs
you can hunt for them,
easter eggs
they even grow on trees,
easter eggs
you can knit them,
easter eggs
and you can make egg biscuits
easter eggs
but there's nothing like the real thing.
I am taking a break (forgive the pun) and will be back on Tuesday. Have a Very Happy Easter, I think after the year this world has put in we all deserve it.


J Santa Fe said...

Just a glorious gathering of eggs!

Let's hear it for resurrection ... .


paris parfait said...

What a fantastic selection of eggs! Happy, happy Easter, Di! Can't wait to see you and H and Charlotte in May! xoxox

Anzu said...

What a clever post!

Blue Muse said...

What a gorgeous plethora of egg photos - that carved egg is just amazing! Beautiful post.
Have a relaxing and joy filled weekend and Easter.
xo Isa

Mélanie said...

Chère Di, have a wonderful easter ! Love the eggs with flowers

Jan said...

Enjoy your break - Happy Easter Di x

Sarthak said...

very beautiful ! egglectic !

JeanMac said...


parisbreakfast said...

Bonne Break Di!
and Bonne Easter egg hunting.
fun post!

niartist said...

Most beautiful collection of egg pictures I've ever seen. Loved the second one (painted eggs) those were gorgeous, and would look lovely in my living room on a wooden tray, or bread bowl. Now you got my mind a thinking! LOL! Thanks for the inspiration.

Sea Angels said...

Got to be the knitted ones...hope you had a lovely holiday xx
Lynn x

Helen-LG said...

I do love those egg candles!

Hope you had a lovely Easter :)

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

Gorgeous! Hope you had a wonderful one and I'm with you on the chocolate--I feel sickly from all of it but would not say no to another!

xo Mary Jo

Freshly Found said...

Wow. What a sel-egg-tion! [Sorry I couldn't help myself!]

babelfish said...

Eggs have such are pleasing shape, beautiful aren't they? hope you had a good one!